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We take your team out of the usual working environment and provide an exciting and safe experience that will leave your group feeling closer, challenged and accomplished as a team!

“The team and I really enjoyed the time we had at Adventure Rooms in Rotorua. The aim for me was to get the team involved in an activity where we could utilize problem solving and team work skills and identify leadership capabilities within individuals. I certainly gained the insights that I was after and the team said they thoroughly enjoyed the activity also for the team work and the way it tested them as individuals. Win – win for all.”

Technical Team Leader – Fonterra Central North Island

“At Dubbz we are always looking at exciting things we can do as a team. We decided to try Adventure Rooms and had a great time. The team had to communicate well, solve problems, it highlighted how we all think differently and it was heaps of fun!”


Dubbz Digital Marketing

“We learnt a lot about working as a team, it highlighted peoples strengths but we discovered we all needed each others abilities to complete the room, A great start to our year”.



Co-ordinator – Cool Bananas Youthwork Trust


The aim of the game is to find the final key! The final key is hidden deep within the room, behind puzzles, obstacles and locked doors. Step-by-step your team must work together to uncover the secret codes, keys and combinations before time runs out.

Standard Format: 2-7 Players

The team will enter together in the first section of the room. The team will have 1 hour on the clock to find the final key.

Duel Format: 8-14 Players

Your group will be split into 2 teams and play 2 x 30 minute halves TEAM A v TEAM B Team A will start in the first section of the room and Team B in the second.

Team A will try to catch Team B Team B will try to escape before they are caught Teams will have 15 minute break after the first half. Teams will then return to the rooms in swapped positions, where THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED.


The Black Queen

You and your team will find yourselves locked in her dark castle. Each clue you find will allow you to better understand The Black Queen, how to defeat here and hoot escape. You must use your senses to make your way through her dark castle and find the final key before time is up.

The Mad Scientist

The original Adventure Rooms game that has been enjoyed in over 25 locations world-wide. Started and designed in Switzerland, you’re invited you to step inside the house of an ingenious mad man. Finish his crazy experiments and get inside his mind…if you ever want to escape.


Creative thinking and effective communication

This is unlike anything your team has faced before.We require a completely new way of thinking which means communication is incredibly important for voicing ideas and implementing actions. Every mind thinks differently and this is encouraged at Adventure Rooms. There can be a million different ways of approaching a situation, so by working together, your team is likely to find the optimal solution in a fun and exciting environment.















4 V 4

5 V 5

6 V 6

7 V 7 (n/a for Gaol Break)

price per person*

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We are located at 1142 Pukuatua St, Rotorua. This allows easy access via public transport, ample parking or an easy walk from your inner city office. Adventure Rooms Rotorua is completely wheelchair friendly, making it a great activity for teams with varying physical abilities.


To secure your room we ask for a $72 deposit The remaining balance can be paid on the day via cash or eftpos!

Session times and availability can be found online.


 07 347 7733

  1142 Pukuatua St, Rotorua,

3010, New Zealand

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