The top 5 Escape room tips

The top 5 Escape room tips

Adventure Rooms Rotorua have 2 contenders for the most intricately designed rooms in the southern hemisphere. Our infamous ‘Mad Scientist’ and the intriguing ‘Black Queen’ leave our escapees both excited and hungry for their next escape adventure.

With a low worldwide escape rate of just 30%, we have decided to give you our top 5 tips for increasing your chances of escaping and what you can do as a team to work together, manage puzzle items and solve puzzles efficiently.

Tip #1 Recruit the dream team

It’s best to book your escape room with people you know and trust. friends, co-workers and families make a wonderful team example. It’s a known fact that teams work better when there is a common context for communication. The best teams are made up of players with a similar play style so if a clash happens in the room – your communication skills will help you get back to cracking codes.

Tip #2 Listen to your host

Listen to the intro and rules by your game master – your game master might slip some helpful hints at the beginning that will save you a lot of time. This applies to the hints that they give in-game too. All the games masters will try to nudge you in the right direction.

Tip #3 Communicate, listen, repeat.

Escape teams who are successful always seem to try everything in the room. So, if your teammate has a seemingly crazy but somewhat reasonable idea – hear them out and try it with them. If the crazy idea is reversible (and doesn’t break anything in the room) it might just be the answer you were looking for and you will at least have fun trying it. Another trick to communication is yelling out what you have found – for example 2 players on each side of the room may find a key and a lock separately and not even know what the other has found! Keep talking and you will escape!

Tip #4 Keep used keys in their locks

A key is almost never used more than once. Leave it in the lock for your sanity! This will help prevent the key from being used again, prevent someone else from trying out another key on the lock, and prevent you from accidentally locking the object again. In very rare cases, a key may be used more than once, so keep that in mind too as a last resort option.

Tip #5 Manage your puzzle objects

This helps keep the room tidy, so you can find what you need. This also lets you keep together related objects, so you can find all of them right when you need them. Separate objects in the game into a “used” pile and an “unused” pile. This helps prevent team members from examining the same object again and again. Note that in some escape rooms, objects may be “used” more than once.

Free tip from the Author – Some of my most satisfying escape rooms were ones where I didn’t escape. The game is a lot more fun when you solve puzzles genuinely and don’t rush chaotically to finish the game. These games can be hard, but are also simultaneously fun and immensely satisfying. Enjoy yourselves and embrace the game and your friends. NOT the outcome and you will have lots of fun. We hope our tips and tricks for a higher chance of escaping have inspired you to book your next escape with us today.

Bobby Love

Adventure Rooms Rotorua

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